Your #WhyNotWednesday: Best Movie Dance Scene Supercut EVER

Welcome to DT’s version of #WhyNotWednesday, where we’ll share with you something fun/silly/really cool/viral from the dance sphere. Today, we’ve got a mash-up of dance scenes from movies, created by YouTube user MsTabularasa, who I can only assume bounced and/or grooved around in her/his chair while creating this supercut as much as I did while watching it. If you have three minutes to spare, this is guaranteed to be your Wednesday pick-me-up: You’ll see Beauty and the Beast, Footloose, Save the Last Dance and even a few surprises (hey, Sandra Bullock in The Proposal—not sure why you’re included, but happy to see you chant around a fire with Betty White any time!). Aaaaand it’s all set to WALK THE MOON’s insanely catchy “Shut Up and Dance.”

So, to summarize: Penguins of Madagascar + indie rock/boy band = Wednesday smiles. Watch it! And then tell us how many movies you can spot.


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