Watch This Mother and Son Tear Up the Dance Floor in Their Wedding Dance

Weddings bring out the hams in all of us. We know you remember Jill and Kevin’s Big Day, where the entire wedding party waltzed down the aisle with sunglasses to Chris Brown’s “Forever.” My personal favorite happened at musical theater composer and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda’s wedding, where he convinced not only the bridal party but even his and his bride’s fathers to perform “L’Chaim” from Fiddler on the Roof. (The YouTube credits thank Andy Blankenbuehler—who choreographed Miranda’s In the Heights—for the use of his dance studio.)

But we’ve yet to see a mother-son wedding dance go viral—until now. Kathy Bunker, owner and artistic director of Bunker Dance Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, clearly knew better than to let an opportunity to show off some dance moves go to waste. Her dance with her son, the groom, hits all the necessary high points: There’s some Nat King Cole crooning, insane MC Hammer moves and even a little bit of Michael Jackson madness. Both mother and groom have a gift for dance. Watch below, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself jamming along in your seat.

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