In the December issue, DT staff reflects on their favorite covers of the year. Associate editor Kristin Schwab chose March.

"Growing up as a bunhead, I’ll admit that I used to turn up my nose at the idea of dance team as a respected form. Jodi Maxfield’s story really validates that there is some great dance line training out there. And she is giving college dancers a serious alternative to majoring in dance. Plus, Utah was a beautiful place to shoot a cover!"

Click to read the March 2013 cover story on how the artistic director of the Brigham Young University dance team opens doors for career-minded dancers.

Cougarettes coach Jodi Maxfield basking in her team's double victory (and the Florida sun!)Jodi Maxfield and her Brigham Young University Cougarettes have two more trophies to add to their already packed case. The dance team, featured on our March 2013 cover, placed first in the Division 1A hip hop and open dance categories at the National Dance Alliance Collegiate Dance Team Championship last weekend. This takes their NDA Championship titles to a total of twelve! We knew these gals were something special. Watch the team's winning routines below.

BYU Cougarettes Open Dance Routine:

BYU Cougarettes Hip Hop Routine:

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