Photo by Rachel Neville, courtesy of Donna Salgao

Donna Salgado knew she wanted to be a choreographer as early as her preteen days in the Nutcracker snow corps. "I'd be standing there, in B-plus, thinking about how it might be better if the teacher put us in a circle here," she says. After eking out a career as a freelance dancer in New York City for a few years, she finally made good on that dream and founded her project-based contemporary ballet company, CONTINUUM. "I started my company to give opportunities to great dancers who weren't getting seen," says Salgado (who still performs as a freelance dancer). "I felt this responsibility." Now, seven years later, she's still providing opportunities—this time, to emerging choreographers. Salgado is curating the contemporary ballet portion of Bryant Park's Contemporary Dance Festival this month. "My curatorial focus is independently produced dance," she says. "There's a rich community of artists in New York who are so dedicated to their craft, and I want to give them exposure at this awesome space in the dance capital of the world."

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