Over the summer, Lexus UK debuted an ad campaign featuring English National Ballet dancers. The tasteful black-and-white films show glimpses of virtuosic turns, jumps and lifts from all angles, interspersed with footage of a shiny Lexus doing its best to keep up. The dancers are supposed to demonstrate the power and agility of the new IS 300h model. After watching all three commercials, I wouldn’t recognize that car if it was parked in my driveway, but I do remember the dancers!

In this TV spot, ENB artistic director Tamara Rojo dominates a video whose clever punch line, “A stronger body for greater control,” appears over a shot of a pirouetting pointe shoe and almost makes me think I understand how cars work. You can see the other two commercials plus a behind-the-scenes interview with Rojo on Lexus’ website.

Manchester, England–based indie band MONEY just earned themselves a new ballet-lovin’ fan base. The group’s “Hold Me Forever” music video is basically a day in the life of a dancer. Directed by actor Cillian Murphy, the film shows English National Ballet company members warming up in pointe shoes and taking technique class at the Old Vic Theatre's studios.

MONEY is known for their devotion to art. “Music should be sacred,” frontman Jamie Lee has said. In this dogged dedication, it seems the musicians have found common ground with professional ballerinas, the ultimate artistic butt-busters. The video focuses on commitment to a craft and the transcendent feeling of creating a beautiful product. At least, that’s what the dancer in me sees. How about you?


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