"I am all about creating leaders in the classroom," says Ellison. "That's going to get them farther in life." Photo by Whitney McAnallen, courtesy of Ellison

As the director of the Centennial High School Sparklers drill team in suburban Fort Worth, Texas, Drew Ellison knows how to delegate. “We have 48 kids on the team, so it's hard for just me to give them feedback," she says. To solve this, she has her seven team officers work with groups of six or seven students, to go over choreography and offer corrections. “I am all about creating leaders in the classroom," she says. “That's going to get them farther in life." Ellison notes that many of her students discontinue dancing after high school, so helping them develop life skills like leadership and working well with others is her ultimate goal as a teacher.

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The Camden Sophisticated Sisters drill team wowed on this week’s “Dancing with the Stars” results show. Since 1986, the organization’s founding director, Tawanda Jones, has used dance to motivate and empower young women in Camden, New Jersey, where many residents live below the poverty line and violent crime rates are some of the highest in the nation. The team rehearses in a converted water tower, which Jones refers to as “safe haven” for many of her students.

As if the Sisters’ mission isn’t moving enough, they dominated the dance floor Tuesday night in their special appearance on the show. Commercial choreographer Brook Wendle created a crowd-pleasing, hard-hitting routine to Beyoncé’s “Get Me Bodied” for CSS, and the girls nailed it. To top it off, host Tom Bergeron announced “DWTS” would be outfitting the team’s rehearsal space with brand new mirrors. We can’t wait to see what these impressive young ladies do next.


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