See What Dance’s Heartthrob Gentleman, Al Blackstone, Is Up to Next

Remember Al Blackstone, that exceedingly charming dancemaker who appeared on our cover with his mom, longtime studio owner Denise? He has a new show coming up June 6 and 13, benefiting Dancers Responding to AIDS. Freddie Falls in Love follows a down-and-out young man on “his journey to embrace the beauty of the unknown.”

Al Blackstone, choreographer-charmer. Photo by Jeremy Davis Photography.

Blackstone bills it as a dance narrative, or a dance theater work that tells a story without using any actual words. Makes sense, considering his way without words is what helped him take home first place in the Capezio A.C.E. Awards at the Dance Teacher Summit in 2011. Here's the video, for a guaranteed Monday pick-me-up:

Of course, Blackstone has a star-studded cast assembled to bring this piece to life: Melanie Moore, Ricky Ubeda, Jacob Guzman. Good luck, Al!

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