Recommended: Serendipity: Ballet Masterclass Originals

By Arshak Sirunyan; 27 tracks, 60 minutes;

$14.99 (mp3), $24.99 (CD)

Sometimes the last thing you want to do is plié to the same old solo piano accompaniment. With Serendipity, Maryland Youth Ballet pianist Arshak Sirunyan offers new variations on the standard ballet class music. Using piano, cello and symphonic strings, Sirunyan creates rich melodies specifically tailored to each ballet exercise. The 27 tracks are named for the type of exercise and image the music evokes. Strike the floor with gusto to “Frappé 'Chasing Shadows'" or get carried away in the luscious “Pirouette 'Red Velvet Waltz.'" Each track is labeled with a meter, so you'll know exactly how to count off your students.

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