Claudia Rahardjanoto Teaches a Tap Crossover Step

Photo by Kyle Froman

Performed by the great Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, the crossover step is traditionally done three times, with a break at the end. In her beginner tap class, Claudia Rahardjanoto uses it to teach weight shifts, having students perform it four times in a row, alternating sides. "I like this step because it looks like more than it actually is," she says. "Increasing the tempo makes it look harder." She counts in bars of four to demonstrate the rhythm: "Ah-1, and-ah-2, ah-3, ah-4."

Claudia Rahardjanoto is from Germany. Since 2003, she has been a professional tap dancer in New York City, and a teacher since 2004. She has performed with Michelle Dorrance, Andrew Nemr, Jared Grimes, Max Pollak, Mike Minery, Roxane Butterfly and Barbara Duffy. She currently teaches at Steps on Broadway and the American Tap Dance Foundation.

Keeko Nakadai is a freelance tap dancer in New York City.

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