Happy Birthday, BDC!

Salim "Slam" Gauwloos' contemporary class at BDC

In 1984, Richard Ellner--a late-bloomer to the dance world, who took his first dance class at age 52--took over the Hines-Hatchett studio founded by Maurice Hines and the late Frank Hatchett (DT 2013 lifetime achievement awardee), renaming it Broadway Dance Center. Thirty years and two relocations later, BDC is a second home for many New York City dancers, with its ever-growing roster of the industry's top teachers in everything from jazz (Hatchett's specialty) to hip hop to contemporary to ballet.

The late, great Frank Hatchett

BDC wouldn't think of letting such a milestone go by without a suitable celebration: On May 5, friends and family will gather in the stately Altman Building in the heart of Chelsea. The gala will include pop-up performances, tribute videos and, of course, a chance to get down on the dance floor.

The original BDC studios in midtown

This anniversary gathering comes right on the heels of BDC's April 1 tribute to VOP jazz king Frank Hatchett at Symphony Space. Hatchett's students and friends were invited to submit one-minute videos of their favorite memories or sayings of Hatchett, or even short dance tributes, which were shown at the celebration.


Top left photo by Sandy Shelton; all courtesy of BDC

Studio Owners
The Dance Concept staff in the midst of their costume pickup event. Photo courtesy of Dance Concept

Year-end recitals are an important milestone for dancers to demonstrate what they've learned throughout the year. Not to mention the revenue boost they bring—often 15 to 20 percent of a studio's yearly budget. But how do you hold a spring recital when you're not able to rehearse in person, much less gather en masse at a theater?

"I struggled with the decision for a month, but it hit me that a virtual recital was the one thing that would give our kids a sense of closure and happiness after a few months on Zoom," says Lisa Kaplan Barbash, owner of TDS Dance Company in Stoughton, MA. She's one of countless studio owners who faced the challenges of social distancing while needing to provide some sort of end-of-year performance experience that had already been paid for through tuition and costume fees.

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Teachers Trending
Ryan Smith Visuals, courtesy Whitworth

A New Hampshire resident since 2006, Amanda Whitworth is the director of dance at Plymouth State University and the co-founder of ARTICINE, a nonprofit that uses the performing and creative arts as a means to improve people's health. Whitworth is also the founder of Lead With Arts, a consulting service working in three priority areas: performance and production, arts and health, and creative placemaking. The NH State Council on the Arts recommended her to the governor for a two-year term, February 2020 to February 2022. She is the first dancer in New Hampshire to hold the title of artist laureate. We caught up with her to hear about her new role:

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Studio Owners
Genevieve Weeks, founder of Tutu School. Courtesy of Tutu School

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Though she admits it was a particularly grueling experience for her at the start—her husband at one point was bringing all of her meals to her at her laptop, so she could continue working without pause—the appreciation she's felt from her franchisees is palpable. "What I've heard from the Tutu School owners is that they're grateful to be part of a franchise system right now," says Weeks.

So how does a franchise survive something like COVID-19? Here's what got Weeks—and her franchisees—through the first few months of the pandemic.

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