Denise Jefferson Honored by Her Daughter in Dance

Harper in The Look of Feeling

In times of grief, artists turn to their craft to cope. Francesca Harper, director of the Francesca Harper Project and a contemporary and hip hop teacher in New York City, is no exception.

In 2010, the modern dance choreographer said good-bye to her mother, Ailey School founding director Denise Jefferson. The entire dance world felt the loss of a luminary.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Harper will premiere The Look of Feeling, a one-woman show chronicling Jeffferson’s extraordinary life. Using dance, song and a few costume changes, Harper recounts her mother’s family’s escape from slavery, her experiences during the Civil Rights movement, even her battle with cancer.

Channeling her loss into art, Harper offers audiences a rare personal look into the life of the dance education icon we knew only through her work.

The Look of Feeling premieres May 2 at the Susan Batson Studio Theater in NYC. Click here for information and tickets.

The Look of Feeling Promo from The Francesca Harper Project on Vimeo.

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