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Check Out Nick Lazzarini's Across-The-Floor '90s Playlist

Nick Lazzarini (Photo by Mat Hayward, courtesy of Shaping Sound)

"Music for across-the-floor is hard," says Jump Dance Convention teacher Nick Lazzarini. "You need to find something that's the right tempo for direction changes, weight change and pas de bourrée. That will vary depending on the exercise and skill level of the dancers you're working with. To help, I've created a great '90s playlist that I like to use whenever I teach across-the-floor."

1. "Vogue": Madonna

2. "The Way That You Love Me": Paula Abdul

3. "Love Shack": The B-52's

4. "100% Pure Love": Crystal Waters

5. "I'm Gonna Get You": Bizarre Inc

6. "Express Yourself": Madonna

7. "Escapade": Janet Jackson

8. "Good Vibrations": Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

9. "Show Me Love": Robin S.

10. "Turn It Up": Oaktown's 357

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