April 2017

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  • Mariaelena Ruiz Leads a New Professional Training Program at Cary Ballet Conservatory

    By Candice Thompson
  • Best Recital Practices

    By Rachel Rizzuto
  • Kristin Sudeikis: How I Teach Contemporary

    By Rachel Rizzuto
  • Ask the Experts: Creating an App for Your Studio

    By Barry Blumenfeld
  • Face to Face: Kirsten Russell

    By Rachel Rizzuto
  • Music: Laurieann Gibson

    By Helen Rolfe
  • Health: 8 Things You Must Tell Your Personal Trainer

    By Andrea Marks
  • History: Eiko & Koma

    By Rachel Caldwell
  • Teachers' Tools: Kent Boyd

    By Rachel Caldwell
  • Is It Time for a New Challenge?

    By Karen Hildebrand
  • Theory & Practice: Train Dancers to Move Fast Without Sacrificing Articulation or Artistry

    By Julie Diana

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