20048 NE San Rafael St

Portland, OR 97230


Offers music titles in a wide range of genres, including pop, blues, classical, jazz, New Age, world, show tunes, nature, children’s, folk, opera and storytelling, as well as education DVDs and classic movies.

Popular Release: Sing, Dance & Play 3-CD set by Fisher-Price


202 Maplewood Ave

Maplewood, NJ 07040


Produces upbeat preschool recital music for ballet and tap with 18 show-length tracks on each CD.

Popular Release: Anne Krohley’s ShowKIDS, Vol. VI


1580 Lake Christopher Dr

Virginia Beach, VA 23464


Supplies schools, dancers and choreographers with a wide variety of dance music for ballet, modern (including specific techniques like Horton and Graham), creative movement, recital pieces, tap and children’s dance.

Popular Release: Laurent Choukroun, Vols. 11–22, produced by Dance Arts Production


PO Box 7611

Ann Arbor, MI 48107


Produces classical music for ballet class.

Popular Release: Volume 8: Tune In and Turn Out (TV tunes arranged for ballet class)


180 West End Ave, Ste 16-R

New York, NY 10023


Bob Rizzo has produced a comprehensive collection of DVDs and music for dance class with top instructors from Broadway and Los Angeles.

Popular Release: Tap Dance X-Perience with Mark Goodman


PO Box 572

Montgomeryville, PA 18936


Produces music for ballet, pointe and variations classes.

Popular Releases: Italian Masters, Lynne Haeseler, pianist; Original Compositions for Ballet Class, Vol. 12, Curtis A. Probel, pianist


PO Box 287060

New York, NY 10128


Devoted to classical and 20th-century ballet-class music as arranged, composed and performed by Douglas Schultz, one of New York City’s premier ballet pianists.

Popular Releases: Company Class, Vols. 1 and 2, Music from Minkus and Leaning on Tradition, Vol.1



PO Box 230185

New York, NY 10023


Danceables provides ballet teachers and accompanists with class piano music in both recordings and print.

Popular Release: I’ll Be Seeing You by Steven Mitchell and David Howard


PO Box 3204

Shepherdstown, WV 25443


Danc’eM has an extensive library of original music, teaching programs, show music and coloring books and is dedicated to helping dance teachers find age-appropriate tools for their classes.

Popular Release: Pre-ballet syllabus for ages 3–4


Hip-hop syllabus for ages 3 and up, interactive choreography flash card kits, teaching music and private studio teacher training available. Also offers RHYTHM WORKS Integrative Dance, a certification program for teaching special needs students music, rhythm and movement.

Popular Releases: Hip Hop in a Box, 1-2-3 Dance and Hip Hop Made Easy by Tricia Gomez


PO Box 1943

Burbank, CA 91507


A complete curriculum in preschool dance focusing on basic concepts and steps in tap and ballet. Vols. 1–6 CDs and detailed Teacher Notes provide fun classroom, holiday and recital material for dancers ages 2–6. This material is a must for studios wishing to expand their “bread-and-butter” preschool program.

Popular Release: Complete teacher’s package includes Vols. 1–6 CDs and manual with notes.


4728 Spottswood Ave, #250

Memphis, TN 38117


Roudnev’s classes are based on his experiences as a student and soloist with the Bolshoi Ballet. He loved the Bolshoi’s logical combinations and musicality, and he brings these qualities to his lessons, music and videos.

Popular Release: Dmitri Roudnev’s Ballet Class, Vol. 11


Original music for ballet class. Beautiful orchestrated melodies guaranteed to inspire your dancers toward a more musically expressive performance.

Popular Release: Ballet Élite by Roger Hewett


119 W 72nd St, PMB 353

New York, NY 10023


Finis Jhung produces orchestral and piano music CDs and instructional DVDs for ballet class.

Popular Release: New Ballet Music 13: Inspirations by Scott Killian



Dedicated to providing the latest children’s dance music. Our music is inspired by popular rhythms and beats you’d hear on the radio. It’s upbeat, fast-paced and full of energy. Lyrics include interactive dance terminology to be sure to get your dancer movin’.

Popular Releases: Pre-School Poppin’ and Creative Movin’: Kids Dance Music


Offers more than 450 music and video titles from Bodarc Productions and other labels, as well as variable-speed audio players.

Popular Release: Power and Space: Percussion for Horton by Kevin Sport


70 Adelphi St

Brooklyn, NY 11205

Kevin Sport’s CDs are created especially for Horton and Graham technique classes but can easily be used for other modern techniques.

Popular Releases: Power and Space: Percussion for Horton, Hidden Language and Sacred Garment


PO Box 477

Long Branch, NJ 07740


Music for pre-ballet, ballet, tap jazz and hip hop for all ages.

Popular Releases: Music for Tap Dancing and Pre-Ballet: A Class For the Very Young


PO Box 474

Milton, LA 70558


Provides the dance teacher with products, training and information sensitive to a child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development and encourages creativity, self-expression and fundamental movement skills in young dancers.

Popular Releases: A Glance at Childhood Development and Positive Discipline, DVDs; Rainy Day Creative Movement, DVD and CD; Locomotion Creative Movement, DVD and CD; Music, Magic, & Make-Believe, DVD and CD; Kids! CD; and Kids! 2, CD


710 N 96th St

Seattle, WA 98103


Lisa Harris travels around the world providing dancers with inspiring music. Her CDs for ballet class are popular worldwide.

Popular Releases: Let’s Dance and Heart and Soul Music for Ballet Class


Jersey City, NJ


Provides custom music edits at competitive prices—fast turnaround and satisfaction guaranteed or you don’t pay. Money-saving packages are available for dance studios or teachers with multiple classes or choreographing multiple routines.


Provides ballet instructors all over the world with fun, innovative and new music to suit the needs of both small and large dance schools. Recognizable melodies are arranged into traditional classical piano accompaniments.

Popular Release: Plié, Pirouette, POP!


PO Box 869231

Plano, TX 75086


Offers more than 5,000 music, movement and dance education resources, plus music-related gifts for all ages.

Popular Release: World of Music Beginner & Intermediate Software Set


5341-A Derry Ave

Agoura Hills, CA 91301


Has an extensive collection of original music and choreography for dance teachers. Most of the thousands of CDs and DVDs are available as instant downloads. The only authorized dealer of the Al Gilbert Tap and Jazz techniques.

Popular Release: Dance Creation, Vol. 3


273 Bennett Ave, Ste 7A

New York, NY 10040


Creates percussion music CDs for dance class, choreography or listening pleasure. Lengthy tracks enable class to flow with fewer interruptions.

Popular Release: From Birth to the Earth


1501 Belle Haven Rd

Alexandria, VA 22307


Music from Foreigner to REO Speedwagon, set as beautiful piano music for ballet class.

Popular Release: Rock Your Ballet Class, Vol. 1


Marian Center for Nonprofits

3211 South Lake Dr, Ste R317

St. Francis, WI 53235


The Royal Academy of Dance promotes knowledge, understanding and practice of dance internationally through student and teacher education and training.

Popular Releases: Reimagined Classical Volume 1 and Reimagined Pop Volume 1, featuring favorite classical melodies and pop songs, reimagined in a variety of dance styles, including sarabandes, tangos, jigs and mazurkas.


186 W 80th St, 5D

New York, NY 10024


Creates ballet-class recordings from renowned pianist Josu Gallastegui. All recordings now available for download at, and iTunes.

Popular Release: Change of Scene: Spanish and Latin American Music Arranged for Ballet Barre and Center


Supplier of professional instrumental recordings and musical theater backing tracks for dance and theater teachers and performers, all played and recorded by Guy Dearden. Leading supplier of music to the dance industry and provider of exam music for the ISTD, NATD, PTD and NCDTA.

Popular Releases: Baby Ballet 1, Adult Tap 6, Class Ballet 3 and Showtime 20


29 N Narberth Ave

Narberth, PA 19072

Produces ballet-class music designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of training, each with different musical emphases.

Popular Release: Firmare: Music for Intermediate Ballet


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Dance Teachers Trending
Roshe (center) teaching at Steps on Broadway in New York City. Photo by Jacob Hiss, courtesy of Roshe

Although Debbie Roshe's class doesn't demand perfect technique or mastering complicated tricks, her intricate musicality is what really challenges students. "Holding weird counts to obscure music is harder," she says of her Fosse-influenced jazz style, "but it's more interesting."

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Sponsored by Dean College
Amanda Donahue, ATC, working with a student in her clinic in the Palladino School of Dance at Dean College. Courtesy Dean College

The Joan Phelps Palladino School of Dance at Dean College is one of just 10 college programs in the U.S. with a full-time athletic trainer devoted solely to its dancers. But what makes the school even more unique is that certified athletic trainer Amanda Donahue isn't just available to the students for appointments and backstage coverage—she's in the studio with them and collaborating with dance faculty to prevent injuries and build stronger dancers.

"Gone are the days when people would say, 'Don't go to the gym, you'll bulk up,'" says Kristina Berger, who teaches Horton and Hawkins technique as an assistant professor of dance. "We understand now that cross-training is actually vital, and how we've embraced that at Dean is extremely rare. For one thing, we're not sharing an athletic trainer with the football players, who require a totally different skillset." For another, she says, the faculty and Donahue are focused on giving students tools to prolong their careers.

After six years of this approach, here are the benefits they've seen:

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Dance Teacher Tips

Dance teachers are just as apt to fall into the trap of perfectionism and self-criticism as the students they teach. The high-pressure environment that is the dance world today makes it difficult to endure while keeping a healthy perspective on who we truly are.

To help you quiet your inner critic, and by extension set an example of self-love for your students, we caught up with sports psychologist Caroline Silby. Here she shares strategies for managing what she calls "neurotic perfectionism." "Self-attacking puts teachers and athletes in a constant state of stress, often making them rigid, inflexible and ultimately fueling high anxiety rather than high levels of performance," Silby says. "Perfectionistic teachers, dancers and athletes can learn to set emotional boundaries. They can use doubt, frustration and worry about missing expectations as cues to take actions that align with what they do when teaching/performing well and feeling in-control. Being relentless about applying a solution-oriented approach can help the perfectionist move through intense emotional states more efficiently."

Check out those strategies below!

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Sponsored by Alternative Balance
Courtesy Alternative Balance

As a dance teacher, you know more than anyone that things can go wrong—students blank on choreography onstage, costumes don't fit and dancers quit the competition team unexpectedly. Why not apply that same mindset to your status as an independent contractor at a studio or as a studio owner?

Insurance is there to give you peace of mind, even when the unexpected happens. (Especially since attorney fees can be expensive, even when you've done nothing wrong as a teacher.) Taking a preemptive approach to your career—insuring yourself—can save you money, time and stress in the long run.

We talked to expert Miriam Ball of Alternative Balance Professional Group about five scenarios in which having insurance would be key.

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Dance Teacher Tips

Since the dawn of time, performers have had to deal with annoying, constant blisters. As every dance teacher knows (and every student is sure to find out), blisters are a fact of life, and we all need to figure out a plan of action for how to deal with them.

Instead of bleeding through pointe shoes and begging you to let them sit out, your students should know these tricks for how to prevent/deal with their skin when it starts to sting.

You're welcome!

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Dance Teachers Trending
Photo by Brian Guilliaux, courtesy of Coudron

Eric Coudron understands firsthand the hurdles competition dancers face when falling in love with ballet. Now the director of ballet at Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Centre in Frisco, Texas, Coudron trained as a competition dancer when he was growing up. "It's such a structured form of dance that when they come back to it after all of the other styles they are training in, they don't feel at home at the barre," he says.

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Sponsored by Turn It Up Dance Challenge
Courtesy Turn It Up

With back-to-back classes, early-morning stage calls and remembering to pack countless costume accessories, competition and convention weekends can feel like a whirlwind for even the most seasoned of studios. Take the advice of Turn It Up Dance Challenge master teachers Alex Wong and Maud Arnold and president Melissa Burns on how to make the experience feel meaningful and successful for your dancers:

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Dance Teachers Trending
Kendra Portier. Photo by Scott Shaw, courtesy of Gibney Dance

As an artist in residence at the University of Maryland in College Park, Kendra Portier is in a unique position. After almost a decade of performing with David Dorfman Dance and three years earning her MFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, she's using her two-year gig at UMD (through spring 2020) to "see how teaching in academia really feels," she says. It's also given her the rare opportunity to feel grounded. "I'm going to be here for two years," she says, which offers her the chance to figure out the answers to some hard questions. "What does it mean to not dance for somebody else?" she asks. "What does it mean to take my work more seriously? To realize I really like making work, and figuring out how that can happen in an academic place."

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Sponsored by The Studio Director

As a studio owner, you're probably pretty used to juggling. Running a business is demanding, with new questions and challenges pulling your attention in a million different directions each day.

But there's a solution that could be saving you time and money (and sanity!). Studio management systems are easy-to-use software programs designed for the particular needs of studio owners, offering tools like billing, enrollment, inventory and emails, all in one place. The right studio management system can help you handle the day-to-day tasks that bog you down as a business owner, leaving you more time for the most important work—like connecting with students and planning creative curriculums for them. Plus, these systems can keep you from spending extra money on hiring multiple specialists or using multiple platforms to meet your administrative needs.

So how do you make sure you're choosing a studio management system that offers the same quality that your studio does? We talked to The Studio Director—whose studio management system provides a whole host of streamlined features—about the must-haves for any system, and the bonuses that make an excellent product stand out:

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Dancer Health
Deanna Paolantonio leads a workshop. Photo courtesy of Paolantonio

Deanna Paolantonio had been interested in body positivity long before diabetes ever crossed her mind. As a Zumba and Pilates instructor who had just earned her master's degree in dance studies, she focused her research on the relationship between fitness and body image for women and young girls. Then, at age 25, just as she was accepted into the PhD program at York University in Toronto, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

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Dance Teacher Tips
Robin Nasatir (center) with Peter Brown and Vicki Gunter. Photo by Christian Peacock

On a sunny Thursday morning in Berkeley, California, Robin Nasatir leads her modern class through a classic seated floor warm-up full of luscious curves and tilts to the soothing grooves of Bobby McFerrin. Though her modern style is rooted in traditional José Limón and Erick Hawkins techniques, the makeup of her class is far from conventional. Her students range in age from 30 all the way to early 80s.

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