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Robin Dawn Ryan Celebrates 40 Years of Teaching Dance

July 1, 2015 by

Two weeks ago, our Dance Teacher Summit ambassador Robin Dawn Ryan celebrated a major milestone in the life of a dance studio owner: 40 years! (And we all know that dance studio owner years are … Continue reading

A Conversation with Ballet Dancer Daniil Simkin

July 1, 2015 by

At 27, Daniil Simkin is shaping up to be the next Renaissance man of the dance world. He’s a principal with American Ballet Theatre; he’s producing—and dancing in—the repertory project INTENSIO, which premieres four new … Continue reading

Melinda Sullivan’s Dreamy New Summertime Tap Video

June 25, 2015 by

So it’s now summer. Officially. Which means that many of you must be on the hunt for your yearly summer jam, right? I’d like to officially nominate Alabama Shakes’ “Sound and Color,” from their new … Continue reading

Win a DVD of Frederick Ashton’s Ballets, Danced by the Royal Ballet!

June 18, 2015 by
Win a DVD of Frederick Ashton’s Ballets, Danced by the Royal Ballet!

Frederick Ashton Les Patineurs, Divertissements, Scènes de Ballet DVD

The Royal Ballet

Sample a selection of British choreographer Frederick Ashton’s shorter works, danced by the always regal Royal Ballet. You’ll be inspired by Ashton’s ability to choreograph both … Continue reading

What My Teacher Taught Me: Jennifer Muller

June 18, 2015 by

Jennifer Muller, artistic director of Jennifer Muller/The Works, studied with the legendary Antony Tudor during her time at Juilliard and the Metropolitan Opera. In Tudor’s classes, the intention behind a step was always just as important as the … Continue reading

See Twyla Tharp’s Choreography in NYC This Saturday (And Maybe Perform, Too)

June 17, 2015 by

For many of us, watching Robin Williams briefly imitate Twyla Tharp’s idiosyncratic choreography in 1996’s The Birdcage is as close as we’ll ever get to working with the legendary dancemaker. But on Saturday night in … Continue reading