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Ask the Experts: Promoting Your Brand

How do you promote your logo and brand among your students? We offer custom merchandise but tend to have low orders, no matter the price point. 
We find that our tween and teenage students are our best … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: Injury Waivers

How do injury waivers work? Did you ask a lawyer or insurance agent for help?
A signed injury waiver releases you from being held liable if a student is hurt as a result of normal, … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: How to Find New Teachers

How do you find new teachers?
Great teachers can be hired or trained, so it’s useful to seek new faculty from a wide network—while also keeping an eye on developing talent from within. Being clear in … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: Handling a Guest Choreographer’s Changes

How do you handle changing choreography after a guest choreographer is gone? We have a parent who is upset that a teacher tweaked her daughter’s piece. But we thought the work needed to be adjusted, … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: Pricing Private Lessons

Ask the Experts: Pricing Private Lessons

How do you price private lessons—per session or per hour? What’s your rate? If you aren’t the one teaching the lessons, how do you split the profit between teacher and studio?
Most studio owners offer … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: Getting People to Pay on Time

I can’t get anyone to pay on time. Our policy states that tuition is due on the 1st and considered late after the 10th, with a $10 late fee. If it’s still unpaid, kids are … Continue reading