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Ask the Experts: Keeping Up Attendance

Ask the Experts: Keeping Up Attendance

Q: I need help crafting e-mails and the text on our website to encourage students to come to class. Do you have any tips on how to keep up attendance?
A: Creating a studio culture where consistent … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: Increasing Monthly Tuition

Q: My school runs classes September through June, but I only charge for September through May. I’ve followed this model for eight years and never made the change to charge for June tuition, but I plan … Continue reading

Ask The Experts: Minimum Number of Students for Profitability

Q: I’m working on a schedule of classes for my summer program, but the initial interest isn’t overwhelming. What’s the minimum student attendance needed to consider a class profitable?
A: It is best to assess your entire … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: Costume Donations

Q: I have a lot of old costumes that I’ve accumulated over the years. Do you know of any organizations that would welcome a big costume donation? I’d feel better knowing the costumes were going to … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: Getting More Facebook Likes

Q: How do we get more parents and students to like our studio’s Facebook page? I’m considering running a drawing for a free recital costume. Are there better ways to build our Facebook fans and get … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: Setting Guest Artist Prices

Q: How do I set the prices for a guest artist to come to our studio to teach? By the time I add up the costs for travel and the artist’s fee, it will cost each … Continue reading