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Ask the Experts: Costume Donations

Q: I have a lot of old costumes that I’ve accumulated over the years. Do you know of any organizations that would welcome a big costume donation? I’d feel better knowing the costumes were going to … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: Getting More Facebook Likes

Q: How do we get more parents and students to like our studio’s Facebook page? I’m considering running a drawing for a free recital costume. Are there better ways to build our Facebook fans and get … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: Setting Guest Artist Prices

Q: How do I set the prices for a guest artist to come to our studio to teach? By the time I add up the costs for travel and the artist’s fee, it will cost each … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Q: A parent of a potential student called and was concerned about the student-to-teacher ratio in our classes. What ratio works for you and keeps your parents happy? Does it vary by age?  
A: When … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: Normal Dropout Rate?

Q: This past year, many of our dancers ages 2–6 did not return because they chose to participate in a different sport or activity. What is considered a normal dropout rate for a dance studio? 
A: While it … Continue reading

Ask the Experts: Student Scholarships

Q: Do you have any suggestions on how to give scholarships to students? We award some each year, but my accountant says we can’t deduct them from our taxes. I feel like the only teacher … Continue reading