January 2012

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Editor’s Note: Summer Study

When One Size Does Not Fit All
Tina LeBlanc shares her path of self-exploration

Style Matters
Should your students know one ballet technique or many?

Francis Roach
How I teach Luigi’s jazz

2012 Summer Study Guide
195 programs for you and your students

Trashing the Ash
Help students quit smoking.

High Five
KJ Dance Designs’ Kristy Ulmer shares her goals for 2012

Glamour and Glitz
Accessories that shine onstage

From the Heartland to the Orient
A conversation with Trey McIntyre

Dazzling costumes for musical theater dance; plus tap shoes

Made for the Stage
Laine Munro’s music for show tap class

Isadora Duncan
Mother of modern dance

Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Strategies for teaching around your own limitations

Extra Credit
College internship programs

A Sunny Summer Forecast
Structuring an effective summer season