March 2006

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A Shared Vision
Go behind the scenes at the new Ballet Pacifica, headed up by Ethan Stiefel, Amanda McKerrow and John Gardner.

Beyond the Barre
Nine techniques to supplement your students’ dance training

Stay Sane on the Circuit
Eight ways to crush competition stress

The Truth About Burnout
Recognize the warning signs to keep this condition from affecting your students’ health and performance

Behind the Screen
What is a dance screen and how can you implement one at your school?

The Goods
The best drinks for staying hydrated during dance class.

How to Start a Company, Part 4
Ideas for growing and promoting your fledgling dance troupe

Once Upon a Time
Tips on incorporating storytelling into movement classes

Ruth Page
A midwest original

Rehearsal Management 101
Four tips to help student choreographers learn how to make the best use of their studio time

How Intelligent is Your Teaching?
Use Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences to reach all of your students.

New dancewear and warm-up styles for your students

Ask the Experts
Answers to your questions on pronated feet, developing upper body strength and once-a-week ballet class