Why We Love Watching Taylor Swift "Shake It Off"

Taylor Swift dropped the video yesterday for her latest single, “Shake It Off,” and if we weren’t more than a little bit in love with her before, we definitely are now. In the video, Swift—who’s clearly comfortable with her legendarily awkward dance skills—places herself in a number of different dance scenarios from ballet to rhythmic gymnastics, and she doesn’t hesitate to let her dance freak flag fly. But this is no Free People ballet ad disaster: Swift backs herself up with real professionals in every genre she gleefully tries to imitate. Whether you find yourself in awe of the break-dancers or can’t help but giggle at Swift’s straight-faced silliness, you’re going to love this video. Here are our Top 5 Favorite Moments:

5. Swift’s Martha Graham-esque affair with a piece of fabric in one of the contemporary dance scenes (Lamentation much?).

4. The tortured faces (see 0:50) of her backup contemporary dancers—it’s all so intense, isn’t it?

3. Swift’s purely awkward grand jeté (2:18). While clad in a sparkly gymnastics dress, no less.

2. That random moment of Swift beating a ribbon stick into the ground (0:58).

1. Her perfectly ridiculous Swan Lake bow at the end (aaaand…head nod).



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