What My Teacher Taught Me: Taylor 2's Lee Duveneck

During his time as a dance major at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, Lee Duveneck got to take class from guest artist Ruth Andrien, a former dancer with the Paul Taylor Dance Company. Little did he know that things would eventually come full circle: In 2012, Duveneck joined Taylor 2, where Andrien is rehearsal director.


"She's one of those teachers who loves the gigantic class, loves the energy of a lot of people in the room. She knows how to draw this communal energy and keep it reverberating. You leave the class feeling empowered by your dancing. Now, as part of Taylor 2, I'm benefiting once more from watching her teach--how she builds a class and develops people."

Taylor 2 will perform in Lake Placid, New York, on February 4 and in Galloway, New Jersey, on February 6. www.ptdc.org


Photo by Sean Mahoney, courtesy of PTDC

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