What My Teacher Taught Me: Joshua Blake Carter

When Giordano Dance Chicago’s Joshua Blake Carter was in high school, he took jazz from Emily Yewell-Volin. Years later, he can still vividly recall the time she helped him with a particularly tricky step.

"She had us do a tombé coupé jeté, landing on the front leg to go into an inside pirouette," Carter says. "I remember how hard it was, but she really took the time to help us figure out how to make it work. We were dancing to Alicia Keys. Sometimes I can’t remember dances that I choreographed five minutes ago, but I can remember that step and that song."

See Carter in Giordano Dance Chicago’s Closer Than Ever program at The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago through Saturday, February 6.

Photo: by Gorman Cook, courtesy of Giordano Dance Chicago

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