What My Teacher Taught Me: Jennifer Muller


Jennifer Muller, artistic director of Jennifer Muller/The Works, studied with the legendary Antony Tudor during her time at Juilliard and the Metropolitan Opera. In Tudor’s classes, the intention behind a step was always just as important as the step itself.

“You had to be aware of everything that was going on around you: the space, the music, the influences coming toward you. He would ask, ‘What are your eyelashes doing? Where do you feel the light coming on your face, and how are you going to represent that light? How are you going to enter and exit so that you have a presence?’ There was a sense that you had to go beyond yourself in terms of preparation, to be totally aware and not just dance it or go through the motions.”

Jennifer Muller/The Works will present a shared program at New York Live Arts in New York City tonight and tomorrow, 7:30 pm.

Jennifer Muller/The Works dancers Michael Tomlinson and Caroline Kehoe

Photos from top: by Tom Caravaglia, courtesy of Muller; by Carol Rosegg, courtesy of Muller

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