Watch How to Teach a Table Lay With Transfer

Demonstrators Claire Crause and Avery Sobczak. Photo by Kyle Froman

This partnering move is all about the weight transfer, say Chris and Lauren Grant. "It's not about Hulk-Hoganing someone," says Lauren. The flyer and base must keep their hips together throughout, so that the weight of the flyer can pour gently onto the thighs of the base, rather than just dumping.

Christopher and Lauren Grant first met during a Pilobolus audition in 2007, then toured with the company for the next eight years. Since moving to NYC, the couple has performed with dancemakers like Alison Chase and in immersive shows, including Queen of the Night. They were featured in the 2017 holiday Apple ad titled "Sway." They will both make their Broadway debut in the new production of King Kong.

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