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Thinking of Remodeling Your Studio? These Pinterest Boards Will Help You Design Something Fabulous

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Dance teachers have a lot of strengths (communicating corrections, choreographing gorgeous movement, planning excellent recitals, cleaning technique—just to name a few) but when it comes to interior design—talent isn't exactly a given. So when studio owners remodel or build, worrying about the decor can feel a little overwhelming (you've got just a few too many other things to worry about, don't you?).

No need to fear! In 2019 we have Pinterest, which shows us all the latest trends we should know about. To help you make the best design decisions for your studio, we've compiled a list of public Pinterest pins we think you'll love.

You're welcome!

1. Light and airy space

2. Merchandise corner

3. Wall decor and large windows

4. Bag/shoe cubbies

5. Front-desk decor

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6. Dressing-room looks

7. Lobby lovin'

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