The Dance Craze Soon to Sweep the Nation: Toddlerography

LOL at James Corden's face.

From the mouths (bodies?) of babes.

James Corden (of "The Late Late Show") and Jenna Dewan Tatum (wife of Channing Tatum, co-star of Step Up and former back-up dancer for Janet Jackson) let a few toddlers dictate the choreography, and the result is funnier (and kind of...better) than you might think:


After giggling aloud at this video, I was reminded of another toddlerography video that went viral a few years back. "Baby Modern Dance" is a clip from one of choreographer Alexandra Beller's rehearsals, in which her then-toddler takes charge of setting choreography. (Honestly, I think this kid has talent. Plus, Beller turned the idea into a full-length show later on.)


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