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Offering a Daddy-Daughter Ballet Class Is More Than Just Adorable—There Are Actually Benefits

Lindsey Della Serra teaching a daddy-daughter ballet class at Moving Youth Dance Company. Photo courtesy of Mode-Carter

I recently had the privilege of observing my colleague Lindsey Della Serra teach a daddy-daughter ballet class at Moving Youth Dance Company in Cranford, New Jersey. Della Serra had an incredible way of making all the adults—dads, brothers, grandpas and uncles—feel comfortable, ensuring that everyone had lots of fun! It was such a joy to see all of the dancers share this special moment with their loved ones, and there were so many beneficial things happening in the room.

Opportunity to experience flow with a loved one.

Dance classes are structured to allow participants to experience flow—an optimal state where a person's skill level is equal to the challenge being presented. Della Serra carefully selected material that was within the adults' and childrens' capabilities, so both groups were sufficiently challenged and could experience flow. In addition, they got to experience this with a loved one, which made it really special and memorable.

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