Technology: YouTube Versus Vimeo

Which video-sharing platform is best for you?

These days, video-sharing is a dance-industry must. But how do you decide on a platform? The answer depends on what you'll be uploading.

If you're hoping to have a video go viral, YouTube—the second most popular website in the world—has a wide audience. It's easy to access and free to use (though for a fee, you can promote your video in display and in-video ads). Quick, unlimited uploads make YouTube a great place to share rehearsal footage with students and parents.

Vimeo offers high-quality uploads and advertisement-free viewing (for paid account holders). There's no limit on video length, and the ability to select the thumbnail image means you'll be able to best represent your video. Using Vimeo to share choreography reels and studio promo videos will lend your content professionalism.


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