What My Teacher Taught Me: Graham Dancer Tadej Brdnik

Brdnik (standing) in Graham's Embattled Garden

When Martha Graham dancer Tadej Brdnik first began receiving soloist and principal roles in the company repertoire, he struggled not to compare himself to other dancers. Famed Graham dancer Yuriko became his coach and taught Brdnik to trust himself.

"I was the first one to say that I could never fill the shoes of the people who came before me. Yuriko took hold of that fear and ripped it off like a Band-Aid. She said, 'Enough with that behavior. You need to trust yourself and the knowledge that you have gained.' She taught me to bring myself to the roles. She brought me back to me."

The Martha Graham Dance Company performs at The Joyce Theater in New York City now through February 22.



Photo by Brigid Pierce, courtesy of MGDC

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