What My Teacher Taught Me: Gary W. Jeter II

Gary W. Jeter II in Beasts by Nicolo Fonte

When BalletX dancer Gary W. Jeter II attended The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Ronen Koresh taught him to think about his dancing in terms of grammar and punctuation.

“One piece of advice that he gave me was to have clarity in your movement in the way that it is delivered. For example, is this movement a run-on sentence? Does this movement have a comma in the middle that gives you a slight pause? Does this movement have a period at the end or an exclamation point, or is it a question mark? In order to convey that question mark, you have to deliver the phrase a certain way.”

See Jeter in BalletX’s Summer Series at The Wilma Theater in Philadelphia tonight through Sunday, July 17.

Photo by Alexander Iziliaev, courtesy of BalletX

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