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Most parents start off pretty clueless when it comes to doing their dancer's hair. If you don't want your students coming in with elastic-wrapped bird's nests on their heads, you may want to give them some guidance. But who has time to teach each individual parent how to do their child's hair? Not you! So, we have a solution: YouTube hair tutorials.

These three classical hairdo vids are exactly what your dancers need to look fabulous and ready to work every time they step in your studio.


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Viral Videos

In its 14 years of existence, YouTube has been home to a world of competition dance videos that we have all consumed with heedless pleasure. Every battement, pirouette and trendy move has been archived somewhere, and we are all very thankful.

We decided it was time DT did a deep dive through those years of footage to show you the evolution of competition dance since the early days of YouTube.

From 2005 to 2019, styles have shifted a whole lot. Check them out, and let us know over on our Facebook page what you think the biggest differences are!


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American Ballet Theatre principal James Whiteside in class

American Ballet Theatre has recently created a brand-new YouTube channel, and not a moment too soon. Other classical companies like New York City Ballet, San Francisco Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet have posted dozens, if not hundreds of videos over the past few years. Fans of these companies can peruse rehearsal footage, interviews with dancers, silly behind-the-scenes moments, performance previews, clips from classes and summer programs and more. The most interesting videos are those that introduce viewers to dancers outside the context of the stage. Yes, they can talk! And they have opinions! Watching interviews and candid moments with ballet stars is one way of pulling back the proverbial curtain on a notoriously exclusive artform.

In ABT’s first few videos, we learn about life in the renowned company from stars like James Whiteside and Skylar Brandt. Whiteside says ballet is like an obsession to him, simply because it is so hard. "It's a very strange feeling knowing that perfection is unattainable. And it's strangely alluring," he says. I feel like I know him better already. Check out ABT's channel here.

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