From the stage to the silver screen, there aren't many entertainers who've had the illustrious career that Shirley Maclaine has. But the Oscar-winning triple-threat attributes her success, hands down, to one thing: her dance education.

"I am the work ethic of a dancer...and that begins to form an attitude in your life that never changes," she recently told Al Roker on "The Today Show."

Watch the full interview below.

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More than 250 dancers from NYC’s PMT Dance Studio crowded into the "TODAY" show plaza in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday, September 9. The task at hand: set the Guinness World Record for largest street-dance performance. The rules: At least 250 dancers had to dance a choreographed routine continuously for five minutes.

Choreographed and rehearsed by studio director Pavan Thimmaiah, the dance contained hip-hop, break dancing and funk elements and was performed in complete unison. Guinness World Record adjudicators carefully observed the dancers to make sure nobody stopped dancing.

The verdict: Despite a couple disqualifications, 253 dancers performed for five minutes straight, setting the Guinness World Record for largest street-dance performance. Congratulations PMT!

Check out their performance here.

Pavan Thimmaiah holds up his Guinness World Record plaque.

Photos courtesy of PMT Dance Studio.

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