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It's the month of gratitude, and as dance teachers, we've got A LOT to be thankful for. Amid the tumult and challenges of the world today, there is always dance class, and that alone, my friends, is something to be grateful for.

But of course, class is not the only blessing we're counting today. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we've compiled a robust (though certainly not comprehensive) list of things dance teachers are grateful for.

Check it out, and let us know what other things you're grateful for!

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Just for fun

It's Thanksgiving week and we are all kinds of grateful for our blessings this year! I mean we have all been given so much, it's hard not to be!

That being said, there are still a few things we're (eh hem) NOT so grateful for, too. So, before it's officially Thanksgiving day and we all go around the table and share what we're thankful for (as we should), here are some of the things that WON'T be making the list this year!


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As you assemble your gratitude list for this Thanksgiving, stop and consider some of the works that paved the way for the diverse dance world we enjoy today. Whether they introduced a radical new style of movement, controversial subject matter or a particularly poignant message, these five works broke choreographic barriers and have withstood the test of time.

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If you're looking to find new teaching jobs or just expand your reach as a teacher, look no further than your Instagram account. Developing a digital voice that connects with studios and dancers is an easy (and cost-free) strategy to boost your profile.

"Instagram has definitely shined a spotlight on my gifts as a teacher," says Kelby Brown, who's taught for American Ballet Theatre and at conventions like The PULSE.

"I have had many inquiries about teaching master classes or being asked to be on faculty at different schools. It has also kept dance competitions in the know and reminds them to bring me out as a judge and educator."

Here, Brown offers his insights to make your Insta account start working for you.

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The Museum Workout. Photo by Paula Lobo, courtesy of the Met

As you tally up the reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving, take a moment to reflect on a few of the world premieres that broke new ground this year. Some changed our perspective on dance, and others were just plain fierce, but they all got our attention and inspired our work as dance teachers.

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Hear me out: Pumpkin offers tons of nutrients, including Vitamin A, beta-carotene, potassium and a solid dose of Vitamin C. Most notably, though, the seasonal squash is packed with fiber. Foods high in dietary fiber are known to aid weight loss, because they make you feel full with fewer calories. So when your relatives ask why you’re picking at the pie before the bird’s even out of the oven, just let them know: I’m losing weight! 

Well, even if my new diet theory doesn't totally add up, there are still plenty of healthy reasons to dig in and enjoy the holiday's signature dessert. Happy Thanksgiving.

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