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2019 has been rife with fantastic holiday songs that are simply BEGGING to be choreographed to. From Pentatonix to Kacey Musgraves, these bangers are the perfect match for your upcoming holiday-themed jazz class. Use each song for different elements of class (warm-up, across the floor, combo, etc.), or have your students get in groups and assign each one a different song from the list to choreograph to. The options are endless, but the general feeling of joy will be the same.

YOU'RE WELCOME! And happy holidays, everyone!

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Viral Videos

Taylor Swift's latest music video for her hit song "Delicate" has taken the internet by storm since its premier at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards. (Is anyone surprised? 💁) If you've been watching headlines, you know that it's simultaneously dancey, goofy, nods at Margaret Qualley's dance advertisement for KENZO and is chock-full of secret messages for all of Swift's biggest fans.

This entertaining video has us reflecting on some other dance-centric music videos we'll never get over. Check out our list of dancey music videos you need to watch right now. Let us know your favorite over on our Facebook page!

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In case you missed "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" from Brooklyn with Misty Copeland, we've got you covered:

1. Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo in a leotard, tutu and tights. Need I say more? The hilarious pair made their way to the ABT studios for Ballet 101 with Copeland. Some pliés, pointe work and a few sautés emboîtés later and Copeland declared, “Ballet was born in Italy more than 600 years ago, and today it died.”

2. Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo dancing with ABT. OK, I knew ahead of time that we’d get to see the amazing ABT dancers perform choreography by Ethan Stiefel. I did not know that Kimmel and Guillermo would be dancing, as well. Their pas de trois with Copeland had the entire audience in stitches.

3. Bill Murray channeling his inner black swan. Comedic legend Bill Murray joined Kimmel onstage decked out in a Renaissance tunic, tights, hat and very black swan-esque stage makeup. He and Kimmel discussed sports, family and Murray's new movie Rock the Kasbah.

4. Ryan Adams’ new take on Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” Adams’ latest musical endeavor is a track-by-track cover of Taylor Swift’s hit album 1989. His Monday night performance of Swift’s dance-inspired “Shake It Off” provided a more angsty and soulful version of the song, which to my surprise, I liked even better than the original.

5. A hilarious kids edition of L.A. vs. NY. Kids really do say that darnedest things, and in Kimmel’s latest “L.A. v. NY” they pulled no punches. From jabs about Donald Trump to L.A.’s obsession with gluten, it just goes to show that the L.A./NY rivalry is far from over.

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