What a great event we had last week in Long Beach! It was three-plus very full days of classes, workshops, panel discussions and networking, networking, networking. It was hard to say farewell to the fresh Pacific air—and to all our new West Coast friends. But we're back in NYC, hard at work on the October issue. (Can't wait to show you the spread of DTS pix!) The big news is that we'll hold our Dance Teacher Summit in two cities next year. So whether you prefer the East Coast or West, we'll be there for you—making the pages of Dance Teacher magazine come to life. Save the date(s)!

Here we are at the final Summit panel: (l to r) Denise Wall, yours truly, Judy Rice, Stacey Tookey and Kim DelGrosso.


Bruce Weber and Kathryn McCormick in the “Ocean”

Congratulations to John Torres, the latest winner for Dance Teacher’s Video of the Month!

The singer-songwriter’s newly released music video for his single “Ocean” features a seaside duet by “SYTYCD” star Kathryn McCormick and Cirque du Soleil dancer Bruce Weber. Stacey Tookey (DT, December 2012) choreographed, bringing to life Torres’ theme of an emotionally troubled relationship.

The piece was filmed on location in the chilly Pacific surf of Southern California, which posed a challenge to the dancers. “The outcomes of those extreme conditions are always the best,” Tookey says. “You have to be prepared to dance anywhere. As long as you know your parameters and you feel safe, you have to go for it. You’ll walk away with that footage or that photo and think, ‘That’s so cool. I did that.’”

As a choreographer on the “Ocean” shoot, Tookey’s responsibility was to help the director achieve his goals while considering the dancers’ limitations and safety. “Sometimes directors will push hard because they don’t know how physically demanding what they’re asking is,” she says. Requests for dancers to perform on the beach were met easily, as was the suggestion that they dance partially submerged in water. But when the crew asked to try the whole routine waist-deep in water, “I said, ‘Absolutely not!’” Tookey says, citing the impossibility of executing movement in water that deep. “It’s about communicating, collaborating and keeping your dancers safe, while pushing the limits as much as you can.”

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Photo courtesy Sundari PR

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