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The Museum Workout. Photo by Paula Lobo, courtesy of the Met

As you tally up the reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving, take a moment to reflect on a few of the world premieres that broke new ground this year. Some changed our perspective on dance, and others were just plain fierce, but they all got our attention and inspired our work as dance teachers.

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Anna Bass (right) with Monica Bill Barnes. Photo by Christopher Duggan, courtesy of Monica Bill Barnes & Company

Before Anna Bass entered into her 14-year collaborative partnership with choreographer Monica Bill Barnes, she was inspired by another partnership—her James Madison University professors Cynthia Thompson and Kate Trammell.

“They've had a duet company for over 30 years, now, and are still performing and making work. It's still a huge priority in their lives, and that's amazing to me, because in a field where age is an issue, they have not made it so. It's exactly the opposite. They inspired me to make performing a priority and to also make the relationships with the people I'm onstage with a priority."


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