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Dancer Tony Bellissimo on the field at Super Bowl LII (via Instagram)

The Super Bowl is America's most-watched television event. Last year, when the incomparable Justin Timberlake took center field for the halftime show, more than 106 million viewers were watching his every move—and that's not even a record!

What's it like to perform for such an incredibly huge audience? Dancer Tony Bellissimo has plenty of experience with high-pressure dance gigs, having worked with artists including Rihanna, Britney Spears, John Legend, and Chris Brown. But stepping out alongside Timberlake during last year's halftime show was a next-level experience. We talked to Bellissimo about how he scored such a coveted job—and how he handled the pressure.

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Koumaev dancing at Justin Timberlake's Man of The Woods concert. Photo by Mark La Shark,
courtesy of Koumaev

Justin Timberlake dancer and "SYTYCD" favorite Ivan Koumaev offers teachers this killer playlist of songs.

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Ladies and gentleman, JT’s still got it! Did anyone else forget Justin Timberlake could dance? I mean, really dance. The former boy-band front man has come a long way from his *NSYNC days. His dapper, big-band-era “Suit and Tie” performance, backed by a full orchestra and featuring a Jay-Z cameo, stole the show at last night’s Grammy Awards.

Choreography-heavy throwback numbers are becoming the new normal, with Bruno Mars also going retro for the event. With a little help from Sting, Mars got his band and the audience on their feet for the second year in a row with his '80s-influenced "Locked Out of Heaven," followed by a Bob Marley tribute featuring Rihanna and Ziggy and Damian Marley. As dance fans, we have to love the trend.

Catch Timberlake's performance here:



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