Photo by Rose Eichenbaum

In August at the Dance Teacher Summit, we presented legendary choreographer, teacher and businessman Joe Tremaine with the Dance Teacher 2017 Award of Distinction. You may know him as the forward-thinking founder of Tremaine Dance Conventions, innovator of West Coast jazz or a choreographer to Hollywood's biggest stars. For our July 2017 cover story, Rose Eichenbaum photographed and interviewed Tremaine. But these Tremaine Dance Competitions & Conventions #TBT photos of him are just too good not to share—and far too evocative of his jazz classes, which Eichenbaum writes "included...high-powered lightning-speed combinations, which often left everyone dripping wet and in need of an oxygen tank." Scroll through for Tremaine's thoughts on what he's sought in his career and the state of dance today.

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