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The days after a competition weekend always feel like a strangely ritualistic twilight zone. You're exhausted and relieved all at the same time. Your body aches, you're ultra-sensitive and your mental state is so worn down that it's hard to tell up from down. In times like these, every teacher recuperates in basically the same way. We break down the 10 most common things dance teachers unknowingly put on their recovery checklist before going back to teach after a long dance weekend.

If you're a dance teacher, you'll totally relate to some variation of this.


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Past research has pegged the average fast food meal at 881 calories. That may sound like a hefty nosh, but new data show the numbers are even higher in sit-down restaurants.

Across two studies, researchers sampled over 700 meals from large chain, small chain and even independently owned eateries, all with similarly alarming results: meals from breakfast to dinner averaged 1,000 to 1,300 calories each (not including drinks or desserts). Furthermore, caloric content of the same dish varied greatly from one establishment to another. One of the studies’ heavy-hitters, a rib dinner with sides, delivered between 1,850 and 3,500 calories depending on who prepped it.

This is just another illustration of why we’re all better off cooking for ourselves whenever possible…Or splitting dishes when we dine out…Or…grabbing a Big Mac in a pinch? Just kidding, though it’s interesting to think a fast-food burger could possibly be the caloric lesser of two evils. The numbers are certainly food for thought.

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