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Dancers celebrating National Dance Day (via Instagram)

Back in 2010, "So You Think You Can Dance" producer Nigel Lythgoe established National Dance Day, an annual celebration of all things dance and a fundraiser for the dance education nonprofit then known as the Dizzy Feet Foundation. Since then, NDD has become a phenomenon. Each year, dancers and dance fans have learned an official NDD routine, showed up in droves for high-profile NDD events at the Kennedy Center and Segerstrom Center for the Arts, and hosted countless NDD parties of their own—always on the last Saturday in July.

But there are big changes afoot (see what we did there?) this year. The 2019 celebration will jump forward a few months on the calendar, to Saturday, September 21st. And Dizzy Feet has undergone an evolution of its own, with a new focus on the health benefits of dance, a new collaboration with the American Heart Association, and a new name: American Dance Movement.

We caught up with Lythgoe to talk about the reasons for all the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

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Photo courtesy of the Dizzy Feet Foundation

Seven years ago, the Dizzy Feet Foundation—you know it from founder Nigel Lythoe and "So You Think You Can Dance"–created a day devoted to dance for Americans of all ages and abilities. And because we'll never say no to another day of celebrating dance (and because a big part of NDD is educating who I affectionately think of as laypersons—non-dancers—about the power and benefits of dance), we thought we'd share with you the choreography and how-to video for this year's dance. The idea is that you teach your students this dance and then perform it in honor of NDD, wherever you are.

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