In the wake of the shocking allegations made against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, millions of women and men have come forward with their own accounts of sexual harassment. Based on the admissions from the #MeToo, we now know one thing is for certain: Sexual harassment is a pervasive problem within our culture. The dance world and industry is no exception.
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Teaching Tips
Mark Morris Dance Group dancers Billy Smith and Mica Bernas. Photo by Kyle Froman

Because of his own hyperextended knees, Mark Morris Dance Group member Billy Smith pays particular attention to the condition in his students. Locked knees, he says, lead to locked hips, denying your full mobility. This combination requires a straight and stable supporting leg through both a rond de jambe en l'air and a promenade. Softening behind the knees to counteract hyperextension allows you to fully access your turnout and stand easier.

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