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by Rachael Sage

14 tracks; $15


Rachael Sage's new full-length album doesn't hit shelves 'til May 20, but you can win a copy now! The album features swooping, piano- and string-heavy tracks ranging from jazzy, upbeat tunes to slower, lyrical sounds that will inspire your choreography.




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Serendipity: Ballet Masterclass Originals

CD; $25


Bored with typical ballet music? You'll love these 27 tracks, composed by Arshak Sirunyan, that offer a new take on standard ballet class music.

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Sacred Garment: Percussion and Piano Music for the Martha Graham Technique

By Kevin Sport; 33 tracks; 74 minutes



Don't let finding suitable music for your Graham technique class be its own Errand Into the Maze. Kevin Sport's CD is tailored for a complete Graham class: floor work, standing center combinations and across-the-floor.


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