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As dance teachers, we're always looking for new treats to hand out to our littles at the end of class. Rewards for good behavior can be a lifesaver when dealing with rambunctious up-and-coming dancers, but if they get too predictable, the candies can lose their persuasive effect. Thank goodness for seasonal trends in treats—they give us just the shakeup we need!

Since Easter is coming up fast, we thought we would share with you five different candy ideas to hand out this month. They're the break from lollipops that you've been looking for!

You're welcome!

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Teaching Tips

It's finally fall, people! Halloween is just around the corner, and we could not be more excited. Halloween brings pumpkin spice back into our lives, along with scary movies, fall leaves and surprisingly elaborate costumes. The best part of Halloween, though? Obviously the candy. The best part of the candy? Using it to bribe your students to stay focused until the end of class. 🙏🙏🙏

A convention-circuit favorite, Kim McSwain said in a recent article on that you've got to control the room by using positive reinforcement. "I bring a whole bag of goodies with unicorn tails, treats and stickers," she says.

Our favorite form of positive reinforcement just happens to be Halloween candy, and guess what, people? There is PLENTY of it out there. Get a jump on things and get the candy that will help your students stay focused all October long!

Here are some of our favorites for your drool-perusal! XOXO

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