Abby Lee Miller during her Dance Teacher cover shoot

Want to set an example of how a real dance parent behaves? Well, there may not be room for that on reality television, but this audition is sure to be an educational experience!

During the next few weeks, Abby Lee Miller’s infamous reality show will hold open auditions for dancers and their parents to be featured on the next season of Lifetime's “Dance Moms,” and possibly “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition,” as well. At stops in Orlando (October 25), Atlanta (November 8) and New York City (November 23), Miller herself will teach a combination to dancers 13 and younger for a chance to join Abby Lee Dance Company's elite team, technically, though the amount of training selected participants will receive at Miller’s facility has not been publicized.

On the plus side, young dancers will have the chance to learn from an award-winning, celebrity teacher and to participate in what will surely be a challenging audition. It’s also an opportunity for dancers’ moms and dads to represent the industry in its best light, if only momentarily. Truth be told, they’re probably looking for over-the-top, zealous stage parents who are going to maintain the show’s drama quotient. One audition flyer even prods, “Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make your kid a star?” Yeesh. If you have dance parents at your studio who fit that description, perhaps an encounter with the no-nonsense Miller will put them in their place. And if they get picked for the show, they’ll have a new teacher to hassle for a while!

Interested dancers and parents must register in advance at

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Catherine Hurlin of ABT's Studio CompanyLast night, the New York City Dance Alliance Foundation celebrated dance education at NYC’s Joyce Theater. Highlights of the benefit concert, “Destiny Rising,” included performances by members of American Ballet Theatre’s Studio Company (including Dance212's Catherine Hurlin), conservatory dancers from Point Park University and many NYCDA alumni.

Since its inception in 2010, NYCDAF’s college scholarship program has provided over five million dollars to more than 100 college-bound dancers. College partners like Point Park, Philadelphia’s University of the Arts and newly added University of North Carolina School of the Arts provide a large portion of the funding and recruit dancers directly from NYCDAF auditions. The next audition will be held July 2, in conjunction with the NYCDA summer workshop in Manhattan. Applications are due June 15.

Photo by Erin Baiano, courtesy of JKO School

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