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Will COVID-19 Change How Studios Use Technology Forever?

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Before COVID-19, dance studios varied widely in their use of technology.

Some were using highly sophisticated studio management systems—and some were still relying on good-old-fashioned paper trails.

But then everything changed—practically overnight—and studios across the country began using technology for everything from communicating with parents and students to teaching classes to handling day-to-day operations. Some were more prepared for this change than others, but for many, it's clear that the way they manage their studios will never be the same.

So how can studio owners take the technological tools and expertise they've developed during the pandemic—and apply them to make things run smoother during "normal" times? And how can technology help studios as they develop much-needed new revenue streams?

We'll be addressing these questions and more at "Studio Technology in the Age of COVID-19," a free webinar sponsored by Akada Software and co-hosted by Dance Business Weekly, this Thursday at 3 pm ET. Sign up here—and bring your questions on all things studio technology.

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