Recommended: Alonzo King LINES Ballet

Photography by RJ Muna, text by Alonzo King

192 pages, $60

They don’t call Alonzo King’s ballet troupe LINES for nothing. Photographer RJ Muna’s photo book, titled after the company, takes a peek at all the sides of King’s sinewy dancers. Some shots show them making beautiful shapes in contrast to surrounding architecture, while others focus on the dancers against a blank background. Costuming ranges from understated and sometimes nonexistent to bright skirts that become the image’s centerpiece. And dancers are lit in silhouette, by spotlight or in ambient glow. Whatever the styling of the photo, Muna, an acclaimed San Francisco photographer who has worked intimately with companies like ODC and Joe Goode Performance Group, is careful that we see the dancers’ chiseled but limber bodies at their most stunning, accompanied by text from Alonzo King. The clothbound book will make a classic holiday gift for any dance lover.  


Photo by RJ Muna, courtesy of Mona Baroudi

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