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Radical Bodies: Anna Halprin, Simone Forti, and Yvonne Rainer in California and New York, 1955–1972

•By Ninotchka Bennahum, Wendy Perron and Bruce Robertson

•University of California Press; 192 pages; $55

Anna Halprin's California-based dance deck was a haven for many New York choreographers in the 1960s. Radical Bodies celebrates Halprin's works and those of Simone Forti and Yvonne Rainer. The fully illustrated catalog of photos, scores and drawings is accompanied by essays that delve into the choreographers' controversial work, which challenged what audiences accepted as dance.

Dance and Politics: Moving Beyond Boundaries

•By Dana Mills

•Manchester University Press; 144 pages; $25.95

In her first book, Dana Mills, a visiting scholar at Bard College, covers the history of how dance has been used to make statements. She connects the revolutionary dances of Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham, the Gumboot dancers in South Africa, the One Billion Rising movement to end violence against women and protest dances in Israel.

Taking the Lead: Memoir of a Dancing Life

•By Pierre Dulaine

•Dancing Without Borders Press; 240 pages; $25

In 1994, ballroom world champion Pierre Dulaine created Dancing Classrooms, a program that helps children build confidence, self-esteem and social skills through dance. It later became the subject of the documentary Mad Hot Ballroom. In his new memoir, Dulaine shares his journey from a turbulent childhood in the Middle East to becoming an acclaimed ballroom dancer and teacher.

The Magic Box: The Films of Shirley Clarke. 1929–1987. Project Shirley: Volume 4. Three Disc Deluxe Set

•Milestone Films, 2016; eight hours; $71.96 (DVD)

Best known for experimental films and an Academy Award–winning documentary on Robert Frost, American filmmaker Shirley Clarke was a dancer first, studying with Martha Graham and Hanya Holm in the 1930s. Clarke created a substantial collection of short dance films, which viewers can enjoy in The Magic Box.

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Rachel Neville, courtesy DTH

A new three-summer collaboration between Dartmouth College's Hopkins Center for the Arts in Hanover, New Hampshire, and Dance Theatre of Harlem will contribute to conversations on race, activism and equity in the arts, while also exploring creative projects and learning opportunities.

Kicking off the partnership in June, DTH focused on the development of The Hazel Scott Project, a new work by choreographer Tiffany Rea-Fisher. Scott was a Black piano virtuoso and Hollywood trailblazer who risked her life and career through outspoken civil rights activism. In the spirit of her example, Monica White Ndounou, associate professor of theater, and John Heginbotham, director of the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble, co-taught a summer theater course that challenged students to create dance as a tool for social change.

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Sponsored by A Wish Come True
Courtesy A Wish Come True

Studio owners who've been in the recital game for a while have likely seen thousands of dance costumes pass through their hands.

But with the hustle and bustle of recital time, we don't always stop to think about where exactly those costumes are coming from, or how they are made.

If we want our costumes to be of the same high quality as our dancing—and for our costume-buying process to be as seamless as possible—it helps to take the time to learn a bit more about those costumes and the companies making them.

We talked to the team at A Wish Come True—who makes all their costumes at their factory in Bristol, Pennsylvania—to get an inside look at what really goes into making a costume, from conception to stage.

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Teaching Tips
Courtesy Jill Randall

Fall may be fast-approaching, but it's never too late to slip in a little summer reading—especially if it'll make you all the more prepared for the perhaps crazier-than-usual season ahead.

Here are six new releases to enrich your coming school year:

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