Mikhail Baryshnikov on Perfection

Mikhail Baryshnikov is the subject of the first video in the promotional "Just Like You" series from clothing brand Citizens of Humanity. The series will showcase 20 different artists and innovators (including Citizens of Humanity founder Jerome Dahan) and what drives them in their work. The theme of each short film is that these masters of their crafts are "just like us," because we are all "citizens of humanity."


In his video, Baryshnikov talks about perfection as a theory, saying that no one can be perfect in any area of their life, from dance to fatherhood (though some of us *cough*Baryshnikov*cough* come pretty darn close!).


Each featured creator will also design a limited-edition T-shirt for the brand with all proceeds going to their charity of choice. Can't wait to see what Misha comes up with! Watch Baryshnikov's video here.



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