Impress Your Dance Friends with Your Graham Trivia Knowledge

Graham in Deaths and Entrances (1943)

It’s no secret that, here at Dance Teacher, we get excited about dance history. Which is why we’re especially thrilled that a company with as rich a history as the Martha Graham Dance Company has partnered with the Google Cultural Institute to create an app that digitizes the Graham archives.

Check out videos, photos, programs, reviews, musical scores, costume sketches and more, via three app exhibitions: Martha Graham (about her early life and career as a dancer and choreographer); Martha Graham Dance Company (explore the company’s masterpieces); and Martha Graham Technique (see the movement vocabulary Graham created). There are some real gems here, like an excerpt from the 1957 documentary A Dancer’s World (which featured an older Graham, dramatic as ever even offstage and adjusting her headpiece) and great anecdotes from her early career (apparently, Ted Shawn dropped her on her head during a performance, and she passed out—only to bite him when she came to).

The app is free, and there’s a version for Android, too.

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Photo by Chris Alexander, courtesy of Dance Magazine archives

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