History Quiz: John Bubbles

1. Who is John William Sublett?


2. What is Bubbles’ nickname?


3. Who was John Bubbles’ partner?


4. How old was Bubbles when he first started performing with Buck?


5. Buck and Bubbles were the first African-Americans to perform at what famous New York City venue?


6. What are some of the contributions John Bubbles made to tap dance?


7. Name a movie featuring the duo Buck and Bubbles.


8. John Bubbles originated what famous Gershwin role?


9. How did Bubbles keep other dancers from stealing his steps?


10. What legendary pop icon named his pet chimpanzee after John Bubbles?








1. John Bubbles; 2. The Father of Rhythm Tap; 3. Ford Lee “Buck” Washington; 4. 10. Buck was 6; 5. Radio City Music Hall; 6. change in tempos, dropping
heels, long phrases, syncopations, dynamics; 7. Varsity Show, Cabin In the Sky, Atlantic City, Mantan Messes Up, A Song Is Born; 8. Sportin’ Life in Porgy and
Bess; 9. by always changing them; 10. Michael Jackson




Photo courtesty of Dance Magazine Archives

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