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The Evolution of Competition Dance as Told by YouTube

In its 14 years of existence, YouTube has been home to a world of competition dance videos that we have all consumed with heedless pleasure. Every battement, pirouette and trendy move has been archived somewhere, and we are all very thankful.

We decided it was time DT did a deep dive through those years of footage to show you the evolution of competition dance since the early days of YouTube.

From 2005 to 2019, styles have shifted a whole lot. Check them out, and let us know over on our Facebook page what you think the biggest differences are!


1. 2005

Jordan Casanova Hall of Fame Dance "You"

2. 2006

Jaimie Goodwin - Denise Wall's Dance Energy

3. 2007


4. 2008

Jordan Casanova Dance "Should've Known Better"

5. 2009

2009 NYCDA Senior Critics' Choice Winner choreo. by Travis Wall

6. 2010

Schindler's List

7. 2011

2011 NYCDA Nationals Gala Performance - 2010 NYCDA National Senior Female - Kaitlynn Edgar

8. 2012

2011 NYCDA National Senior Female Outstanding Dancer - Kali Grinder

9. 2013

Katie McCleary - 2013 Hollywood Vibe Intermediate National Dancer of the Year- 11 yrs old

10. 2014

Emma Sutherland @ Nuvo Dallas 2014

11. 2015

Mackenzie Ziegler's solo "Take That" at Jump - Pittsburgh 2015

12. 2016

Brightyn Brems - Hallelujah (Re-compete For Best Dancer) The Dance Awards Las Vegas 2016

13. 2017

Ella Horan - River (DancerPalooza Beat Squad Solo 2017)

14. 2018

The Dance Awards 2018 - Las Vegas - Best Dancer Dance Off - Senior Female Top 3 Solos

15. 2019

Lucy Vallely - Memory (NUVO Westminster Closing Show)

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